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Insurance Companies

The WIN-WIN Approach

DI cares about the providing customers only the best at every level of the automotive industry from the manufactures to the bottom-end consumer not excluding any of the middle person along the journey such as dealers, body shops, insurance companies, rental car agencies, etc. We understand that we are all the customers of each other; therefore we have designed what we call the WIN-WIN approach through the automotive journey. These are some of the things that we understand.

Destiny international has worked directly with insurance companies for a number of years. Our unique position in working with insurance companies has given us insight to their needs and concerns. Some of the concerns are:

  • Knowledge and acceptance of Paintless Dent Repair by the insured
  • Writing accurate and complete Paintless Dent Repair estimates
  • Quality Paintless Dent Repair
  • Guaranteed 100% repair (including moldings & glass)
  • Warranties

Body Shops

hood repairDestiny International understands that body shops are based on collision repair. After a hailstorm, most shops are overwhelmed by hail damage claims. Working with body shops and insurance companies has given Destiny International insight into the needs and concerns of quality body shops. The challenges they face are:

  • Serving existing customer base
  • Meeting needs and demands of insurance industry
  • Capturing market share
  • Completing repairs in a timely manner

Dealerships & Rental Car

pdrMost car rental and dealerships view a hailstorm as a catastrophe. But it doesn't have to be that way. Destiny International has built a fine reputation for executing quality hail damage repairpersons at dealerships across the nation, large and small. At Destiny International,

  • We understand that to serve you, the dealership, we must help you sell cars.

The Win-Win Training program developed by Destiny International addresses all of these concerns. This proven and innovative program has been successfully implemented with insurance companies nationwide.

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